About us

Lead Free Design is a privately held, international consulting company. Founded in 2003 and based in Colorado Springs, we are specialists in RoHS documentation and Medical Device (FDA) conversions.

Our engineers are industry leaders with years of design, manufacturing and materials experience, from industry leading companies Tyco Healthcare, BOC, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Ohmeda, Conmed and Medtronics.

Certified RoHS complianceWhat we do

We provide certified RoHS compliance for all RoHS Directives

The RoHS directive impact is company wide. Design, Manufacturing, Materials Management and Purchasing are just some of the areas that will be affected. Our full service solutions go beyond identifying suitable replacement parts. 


We provide certified Medical RoHS compliance for China RoHS, and FDA medical device redesign if needed due to part obsolescence.

FDA Medical Device expertsWe review your design, procurement and manufacturing processes. We recommend changes that are required to ensure compatibility. We review and test your converted parts. We maintain your existing FDA compliance. And finally, we pass this knowledge onto you, so you can maintain and revise your converted design. We convert and document your existing designs

Because we are experts in RoHS conversion, we can do it much more quickly and cost effectively that you could on your own. And we know all the "gotchas" and issues that your component supplier won’t tell you.

We analyze your Manufacturing and Supply Chain processes

We also advise you on your procurement, component testing, documentation and recycling programs – again, all the requirements to survive a RoHS audit. The penalties for getting it wrong are severe.

We teach you what we did, why, and how to maintain it

Most importantly, we leave you with a design that you can maintain, and in the design review process, teach you how to design using lead free techniques.

We maintain your RoHS documentation

We keep you RoHS documentation current – for all the directives.  You focus on designing your next products.  All at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

Our Expertise:  Material-level RoHS documentation and FDA Medical Device design

Fetal dopler deviceYou probably don’t want to become an expert in RoHS conversions. But you probably do want to become good at lead free design. We can help with that.

We have engineering and manufacturing specialists with experience in electrical and electronic design, mechanical design, plastics engineering, metallurgy, hydraulics and pneumatics. We are also one of the few engineering firms with extensive RoHS and FDA Medical Device expertise.

Let Lead Free Design take the worry out of RoHS compliance. If you haven’t started, you are already behind the curve.


Contact us for a conversation about your specific needs, and a cost effective solution to meet the RoHS deadline.