RoHS Certification and Compliance

RoHS Compliance

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) is a group of international environmental laws requiring the re-design of many electronic devices. We at Lead Free Design are cost-effective experts at RoHS Compliance.

We analyze your electronic products, provide RoHS compliant documents, and maintain them for you, all at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. For Europe RoHS, China RoHS, California RoHS, Korea RoHS, Japan RoHS and other RoHS directives.

RoHS Conversion

If analysis shows non-compliant parts in your product, we recommend substitute parts; if there are no direct replacements, we offer re-design of the affected sub-assembly; under special circumstances making redesign impractical, we can convert existing leaded parts into lead-free compliant parts.

Medical RoHS Conversion

We are specialists in Medical RoHS conversions. To ensure FDA compliance, medical devices require special methods and in-depth documentation during a RoHS conversion.  We protect your existing FDA certification and 510K with full verification and validation procedures.  And we analyze your supply chain using predictive life cycle tools.

  • EU RoHS
  • China RoHS
  • Japan RoHS
  • Australia RoHS
  • Sony Green
  • Mitsubishi Sumitomo
  • Korea RoHS
  • California RoHS

For China RoHS

After extensive product analysis, we provide detailed labeling instructions and camera-ready artwork specific to each of your products.

We supply the all important certified Supporting Documentation package, in Chinese, detailing the material content of the components of your product.  Without it, you will not survive a marking inspection or audit.

For all RoHS laws, including China RoHS

We maintain your RoHS certification, through design revisions, vendor changes and part substitutions. And we do it at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.  That way, your engineers are designing your next products, and your RoHS documentation is always current and on hand.  With relationships in 3500 component companies, we have over 50 component and material engineers maintaining your data and certifications.

And we defend our certification with RoHS Audit Protection. We provide the due diligence you need to survive an audit.  Our RoHS engineers are world class experts.

Additional Services 

In addition to our standard services, our experienced engineers are ready to provide these optional services:

  • Review of your design, procurement and manufacturing processes, with recommendations to ease compliance and ensure compatibility.
  • Review and testing of the actual physical parts using Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • Redesign of your products to meet requirements in a cost effective way.  For medical devices, we have an experienced FDA medical device engineering team on staff.

How It Works

  • You provide us your Bill of Materials (BOM) and Assembly drawings for each product.
  • We scrub your BOM through engineering review.
  • We research the MCD (Material Composition Declaration) sheets and IPC 1752 documents on each component.
  • For custom parts, our engineers determine material composition in a variety of ways tailored to the nature of each component.
  • We store relevant elements that make up each component.
  • We analyze your product at the assembly, component and material levels.
  • We generate the required compliance documents with proof of compliance.
  • We report accurate BOM, compliance letters and supporting documentation in one, indexed printed and electronic PDF document for each product.
  • We update your documentation whenever you make any changes to the product that may affect your certification, whether it is due to a part change, vendor change or assembly processes change.
  • We stand by you to defend our processes, testing and documentation if you are audited.
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