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We document, validate and certify RoHS documentation for all of your products.  Quickly, correctly and efficiently.  At a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

We provide certified RoHS documentation.  Because we analyze and document your product down to the material level, we can create certification and irrefutable documentation for all countries and RoHS-like Directives affordably, consistently and quickly

    • EU RoHS
  • China RoHS
  • Japan RoHS
  • Sony Green
  • Mitsubishi Sumitomo Green
  • Korea RoHS (July 2007)

We will also produce RoHS certification for the follow pending standards:

  • Australia RoHS (Jan 2008)
  • California RoHS
    (CRTs Jan 2007)
For China RoHS, we provide you with product analysis, detailed labeling instructions and camera-ready artwork specific to each of your products.
We also supply the all important certified Supporting Documentation package, in Chinese, detailing the material content of the components of your product.  Without it, you will not survive a marking inspection or audit.  We can have your China RoHS Marking package to you in as little as two weeks.

We translate your RoHS certification
into English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese as required for due diligence, marking justification and audit protection.

    • Protect your market share
  • Proteger tu cuota de mercado™
  • 保护你的市场份额™
  • 당신의 시장 점유율을 보호하십시오™
  • あなたの市場占有率を保護しなさい™

We maintain your certification, through design revisions, vendor changes and part substitutions.  And we do it at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.  That way, your engineers are designing your next products, and your RoHS Documentation is always current and on hand.  With relationships in 3500 component companies, we have over 50 component and material engineers maintaining your data and certifications.

And we defend our certification with RoHS Audit Protection™.  We provide the due diligence you need to survive an audit.  Our RoHS engineers are world class experts.  We even helped author the IPC 1572 specification.  Protect your market share™ with Lead Free Design.

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