RoHS certification and compliance

RoHS conversion process

RoHS Compliance

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) is a group of international environmental laws requiring the re-design of many electronic devices. We at Lead Free Design are cost-effective experts at RoHS Compliance.
We analyze your electronic products, provide RoHS compliant documents, and maintain them for you, all at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. For Europe RoHS, China RoHS, California RoHS, Korea RoHS, Japan RoHS and all RoHS directives.

RoHS and WEEE certification and compliance – expertly, quickly and affordably.

RoHS Conversion

While many products are officially exempt from RoHS laws,  you may find your existing components are no longer available.  Get control of those weekly "end of life" and "discontinued product" notices from your suppliers.  We analyze your existing leaded products, and convert them to RoHS-compliant lead free versions.
RoHS conversion and re-design – expertly, quickly and affordably.

Medical RoHS Conversion

We are specialists in Medical RoHS conversions. 
To ensure FDA compliance, medical devices require special methods and in-depth documentation during a RoHS conversion.  We protect your existing FDA certification and 510K with full verification and validation procedures.  And we continually analyze your supply chain using predictive life cycle tools.
Medical device RoHS conversion and re-design – expertly, quickly and affordably.

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